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Bisexual Games

Woman kisses and caresses a woman, a man pushes another man against himself, the two women have sex with a man. Two men and two women in the sauna give free rein to imagination. Bisexualism the absolute top of the topic. More and more young people in Finland cast aside the taboos and want to live for themselves. Another five or six years ago, bisexual was virtually unknown word. Now the Finish starting to liberate themselves from taboos. There are growing number of ads in the magazines, where the reader is often refers to him or herself as bisexual. Of course, this does not mean that she or he is bisexual. Quite often, clever gays pretend that they are bisexuals knowing that lots of swingers do not want anything to do with homosexuals. However, the word ‘bi’ does not disturb anyone. So it is easier to persuade straight couples to take part group sex. But what bisexual experiences do "Maaja" readers have? Below the most courageous publish their experiences of bisexual love games.


"We meet regularly with two homosexual soldier boys."


Marika and Ene, the two perky girls from Helsinki, who are ready for almost any adventure. They are eager and they like to look for adventures. True, they do not care about boys; they like to have sex with each other. But they are not hard-core lesbians; depending on the circumstances they may do exceptions. Nothing to say, they are great company, in view of the fact that both have gay ‘boyfriends’! Marika says, "At the beginning we were quite normal two straight girls, we both had boyfriends and everything was as it should be. But then we discovered that the world of sex is much more spacious, more fun and exciting? Ene adds: "We got acquainted with the boys rather unconventional way. I went to our house laundry. One guy was standing there with his trousers let down and a second soldier boy was on his knees in front of him and gave him a blow job. Of course, I got confused and I made quick exit. However, this scene was to me so exciting, when I barely came to my apartment, I lay on the coach without second thought and masturbated, so I got an orgasm within few seconds. I had never seen how the way men do it. When I talked to the Marika about this, she said, "Pass on, we are going to pick up these guys!" As said we made a plan. After the first meeting, it was clear that we want to see them again. Gays are not such as self-confident, but often inept heterosexual men. During the love games, they not only think about the partner, but they know exactly what a woman needs, or that they themselves like best. In our meetings we satisfy each other mainly with hands or tongues." Marika: "Both guys love, when we play with them. Compared to our exes, both have huge advantage: they can last almost infinitely and have insatiable appetite. They will hardly upset us." After a while, Marika adds:" Of course I would like to have in the future strong and manly man beside me but I afraid that I am so used to swinging which is much more exciting that it would probably very difficult to "re-learn". It's not easy to remove very pleasant memories from the subconscious”