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Bisexual Games (Part 2)

"I'm cheating on my lesbian girlfriend over and over with men." Life, as is commonplace to say, it is difficult. Happens otherwise either. Lesbian Juta did not want to know anything about the men at the beginning, but now she likes to change lovers like someone changes socks. Juta (23) is a lover of wealthy shop owner's. She brings her expensive jewelry and allows her to have quite nice lifestyle. Juta: "My first sexual experience was with this woman. After the first night with her I did not want to know anything about men. But at some I became curious, how is it to be with man? I went secretly on pull. Already in the first night out in the club I seduced one very attractive guy. We had sex in the car and I reached orgasm very quickly, when I realized that he was finished. Over time, I learned to appreciate a difference. Of course, I like the most to make love to my girlfriend, because we have a great understanding, but would also like to occasionally have sex with a man. "


"I gave my husband a man in his birthday!" Many women would have the nervous breakdown, if they know that their man has sex with men. Only not Piret! On the contrary, she organized for her man other man. How could be such a thing possible? "Yeah, it's really true," says Piret (26), laughing and showing pictures where Arno and his friend Sven are naked. Both have trained body and far more intriguing, they have their arms around each other’s waists on the photo. "Nevertheless, my husband is not gay," says Piret. "He was just terribly curious and wanted to know what it is like to feel another man inside. Arno wanted to experience if the other man reaches orgasm in him. "Piret knew that her husband has a bisexual friend. In his birthday Sven jumped out of the closet and I said, this is my birthday present. All three spent the night together. Once two men disappeared in the bedroom, once Piret with Sven and finally, the three of them fell into bed and fell asleep each other's arms. And there was not a trace of jealousy? Piret, "No, not at all. On the contrary, we want to be together more and more frequently. Arno: "Finally I gave in to my temptation. This is something new, something very exciting. To kiss the man's muscular chest, stroke his hairy belly and prink butt and touch another man's hard dick, it's entirely something else and most importantly - extremely erotic. "


Author: Divine London