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Call Girl Jasmin’s life experiences

Kensington, London - Jasmin (27) knows and feels nearly every noble entertainment centre in London because this is where she offers horny men the ‘nights of love’. In this interview, she talks openly how she became a wealthy lady, through various beds.


Jasmine is the kind of woman for whom the mothers warn their sons of. She is beautiful, blonde and very self-conscious Londoner, but at the same time dignified lady from head to toe. She is just such a woman of whom many women earning average salary are dreaming of but whose life standard, they'll never reach. The point is that Jasmine moves only in very chic company. Jasmine is a Callgirl, classy and very expensive!


"Already, as a young girl, I wanted to smell the odors of a big city, metropolitan to get out of her misery in the home village," says Jasmin, swinging her long blonde curly hair behind the ears. "In fact, I only learned to become as a cosmetologist to delight my parents. However, after my studies I began to develop myself in the field, which is much more lucrative." At the moment Jasmine has a luxury apartment London Kensington Cromwell Road close to Holiday Inn, very expensive car and an account in Swiss bank.


Jasmin’s first stop to the heights was in London, in a home of wealthy attaché. There, she studied English and not only language, but also how to do a good blow job. Apparently, she must have been very talented because rich employer made the young German generous gifts. Jasmin: "My jewelry boxes and wardrobes began to fill up." It did not bother her at all that attaché had a respectable age. Although the old man has also a son in his twenties, The high class Jasmine was not interested nor of the father or son because she had much bigger plans. Soon she moved in with one Spanish grape breeder, then lived with one of London's bankers and returned home after an affair with one of the Greek ship owners. By this time she has compiled a vast of skills and experience, and a small fortune. She had learned four languages and has a contract with one of the most successful escort agencies in London and had sex in almost all European capitals.


What is the secret of her success? "I'm going to give every man an opportunity to feel the best and the most important," says Jasmine. "I behave like a lady when with the client in public places, but in bed I'm rich in fantasy and sensual playmate that is worth the price.


" What she needs to do for money? Callgirl sips cocktail before she answers: "Men who pay for me, basically can get anything. They have very high arousal level. All they are looking for some special kind of high. Golden rule of sold in love is this: the richer customer, the more unusual requests they have! One of my Japanese clients covered my body with layer of caviar and literally ate himself to my flesh. One young sheik fucked me on the back seat of his Rolls-Royce while chauffeur watched. One Austrian earl wanted that I wear his wife’s fur coat and masturbate. If the fee satisfies me, I am willing to do anything from Fetish, GFE, PSE to A-Level, You name it!