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When Victoria confessed me that she likes to have sex with women, I felt a sharp electric shock went through my body.


"This is really great!" she said, eyes shining.


She threw long blond wavy hair from her forehead with cheeky head movements. I had never been with women, but I secretly wondered what it would feel like to pamper a woman's breasts and to feel a warm humidity between her legs.


After Victoria's confession, I could not do anything more with it. I could not get rid of the thought how we are having sex together. Her perfect body, breasts, slim waistline and strong hips fed my imagination.


"Why are you telling me this? Do you want to suggest me something?” I asked her.


"Maybe," she said with a wink.


The same evening I sat with my husband, David on the couch at home and our eyes were clued to watch TV, but I had no idea what was shown: I dreamt of Victoria, I could not get rid of the thought in my head how we caress each other.


David asked "What are you thinking?" noticing that I was somewhere else in my thoughts. I paused for a second and asked him: "What do you think of two women caressing each other?"


Now it was his turn to look surprised.


"I think this could be a powerful sight."


"But what would you say if these women were I and Victoria?"


"You?", he could not hide his surprise, although I saw a curious sparkle shining in his eyes. "I could watch whole day the show how you arouse and touch each other’s breasts."


A few days later, we sat in a cafe with Victoria and I suddenly asked her, "Do you remember what you told me last week, well. About having sex?"


"With a woman?" she got to the point straight away.


"Yes, between you and me," Gathering all my courage, hoping that she didn’t regret the words she said a few days ago.


However, there was no reason to be afraid.


"When do you want to do this?" she asked, and her eyes narrowed slyly as of a cat, who has noticed a box of cream. I noticed that Victoria began to fidget in her chair, as if she already got excited from the thought alone.


"Maybe David could be in the audience for us?" I added cautiously, because I was not sure how she reacts to such idea. I kept smiling.


"Wow, this is something for my soul," she said calmly, and without getting upset.


I imagined how I'll kiss her curly long hair, her white neck, these stunning breasts ...


We agreed to meet next Saturday. It was a really good day for our crazy adventure. Warm breeze flowed into the room from the slightly opened window. My mind was firmly set for adventure waiting for us. Yet despite this, hearing the doorbell my heart began to beat more quickly. Victoria was standing at the door. For a moment I felt my knees jerking and heart began to skip beats and the idea hammered in my head: "What am I going to do?! It's not too late to say no!"


My mind worked hard thinking what if... but all these ideas disappeared as soon I and Victoria took seats on the couch. She behaved so simple and naturally that all my fears became laughable.


Victoria was wearing a skimpy top that barely covered her breasts and hot pants under which her buttocks clearly showed. I was completely conquered by her. I looked at her and felt pleasant pulsations between my legs.


The next moment, Victoria bent down and kissed me on the lips. Her kiss was brief, but strong enough to spread lust over my whole body. Victoria kissed me again and her hands started to wonder on my body.


At the same time, David sat behind us slowly drinking his beer. I could bet on this that he was already aroused. I knew that he is ready for sharp adventures.


Victoria untied my thin bra and David looked at us completely forgotten the beer he had. Victoria dived between my breasts kissing them and caressing my hardening nipples, which had erected like small buttons. I replied with the same. I slowly pushed her back and kissed her little moodily lying breasts. My lips grabbed her magic nipples – I felt a salty taste of her skin.


We merged into a long passionate kiss, lying flat against each other. Our hands were gliding along our smooth bodies.


David could not take it anymore and I noticed how he masturbated through his jeans.


Victoria helped me to undo my pants. I felt pleasant heat radiating over my entire body. Before I was able to realise anything, her pants were also gone. Our naked bodies embraced each other. I felt her body heat. My girlfriend's hand slipped down and the fingers opened my vulva. She kissed and caressed my clitoris with her tongue, helping me to get an orgasm. I laid back and shivered from her every sensual movement.


When Victoria’s fingers were finally inside me, I was ready to come. Cramps and hot flashes crossed my body, and I begged her to continue. She accelerated the rhythm. Her tongue worked with admirable skill. I flailed and groaned feeling the approaching orgasm ...


We exchanged places with Victoria. She laid on her back. I spread her legs apart and found the most beautiful natural miracle covered with silky coat. Salivating over this treasure I leaned over and felt the moisture of her soft pink skin and hardness of her clitoris with my lips. My partner was sweet on the inside.


When I increased the speed of tongue inside her, desire pierced her from the head to toe. My fingers entered into her juicy vagina and Victoria just moaned quietly. Her body began to move against my finger and her clitoris looked like a small cock.


"Yeah, aah! And-a-a-ah!" An orgasm passed vigorously through her body. Her face turned pink.


I continued caressing her buttocks and inside of her thighs. Victoria's body was more delicious than chocolate and I still did not want to finish the game. I just started to think with regret that soon all fun is over, when I suddenly saw David’s cock which was waiting for fellatio. I took it completely into my salivating mouth. Victoria joined me, caressing his large testicles. We tried to pleasure David to the maximum.


What a memorable day it was!


After this we often called Victoria to visit us to give each other intoxicating pleasures.

 Author: Divine London