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Geisha: a rare and honourable occupation.

Geisha: a rare and honorable occupation. Some customers chose a favorite geisha whom they began to sponsor. Although the girls had to entertain clients, geisha went further beyond cultural conversation and singing only when she herself wished to do so. Training of young girls began in bungalows which were rented out as function rooms and these bungalows were also dormitories for Geisha students or maiko’s and fully trained entertainers or Geishas.


Hostess paid for the education of girls, in return they had to do the housework. When Geisha students turned 15 to 20 years old, they were promoted to maiko status and they began to acquire education in dancing, singing, playing shamiseni and cultural knowledge.


Maikos dress to long sleeve kimonos, wear high clogs and apply red lipstick only to the upper lip.


When maiko turns 20-year old, she must decide whether to become a geisha or not. If yes, she must participate in eriage ceremony, which means "the exchange of the collar." Japanese geishas are skilled in various fields of culture and art. These include Nihon-buyoh (Japanese dance), music (singing accompanied by instrument called shamiseni similar to banjo), sadoh (tea ceremony), sho-DOH (calligraphy), ikebana, poetry, art, and the etiquette of how to dress in a kimono.


Geisha residential districts with the many okiya’s and chaya’s inside it are called hanamachi’s, which is Japanese for "flower city". Kyoto’s best known geisha district is Gion which is also popular today. Tokyo’s most prominent geisha districts are called Shimbashi, Akasaka and Yanagibashi. During World War II the invaders forbade geisha’s activity, but after Japan’s stabilization, their role in society returned. Nevertheless, in 30 years the number of geisha’s decreased from 17,000 to thousand. Today geisha’s ordering procedure does not differ much from the older times. If someone wants to order geisha or maiko to entertain his guests, he needs to contact directly either okami (hostess) or ask for a recommendation for her from the owners of O-Chaya, / yo / can / or / yofe /. Orders are processed through the office (Yakata), which also takes care of the billing. Clients are treated in confidence and invoice is produced not on the day when service was received but later.


Geisha services are very expensive: company with trained geisha costs 83-170 Euros for a two-hour stay. Visitors come from Europe or America need referees-guardian before meeting and spending time with real geisha. It is not just enough to present VISA Platinum credit card.