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Hot Love – from sweating to excess!

They are hot of lust, reaching to the boiling point. Learn how hot the love of our readers can become! Sweat and Sex – dangerous mixture prone to explode!

25 years old blond captivating Sonja tells her story: “Dan called on my mobile"" My dear, what a pity, I am stuck in a horrible traffic jam in central London, it will take some time before I get home to you." Oh, I was very disappointed because I was getting really excited waiting for my husband in our Bayswater Gated residence, to spend a nice night out with him. The more I thought about him, the more I felt so familiar tingling feeling in my stomach or rather between my legs.


I clearly felt that I was getting more and more aroused, my vagina was wet and felt like in fire. I sensed tingling pulsations and I had no doubt I was extremely aroused. I looked from the window Staring at The Trees across Bayswter Road to calm myself down then grabbed a magazineand laid down on the sofa but anyway I could not concentrate on reading. As if from distance I started to caress my breasts, belly – I created a rhythm. Mmm! Lust grew inside me.


I pulled off the jeans, the shirt, and all the rest too. My hand slipped to my curly lady garden and then where I most felt tingling sensation. I instantly found supersensitive spot and started to circle there with two fingers. This place answered promptly and asked more. I responded to the call from inside me. I touched myself down there becoming more and more aroused. I started slowly gently touching my clitoris, and then moved down deeper inside between my legs. I added more pressure with my fingers and rubbed harder and faster inside my vagina until I felt ecstatic. Few more thrusts and I reached climax- I got a super orgasm.


When I could more or less think again, I heard my man coming. I ran into him and exclaimed slightly out of breath. "Good, that you came home!" and pulled Dan to the bedroom. I forced him on his back to our wide bed and jumped greedily on him, I mean on his amazing cock. Dan was completely taken aback, but he let me to do anything I wanted. I knew too well how much he liked my sensual French kisses.


He had hard on straight away and his cock popped up towards the ceiling. I licked my lips and leaned over his penis. It tasted better than lollipop. My man moaned and began to wheeze with excitement. Neither could I no longer to restrain my lust and I changed position. I turned and slide his penis inside me with excitement. Ooh my God, it was so good! His crown jewel filled me once again, rising my pleasure exceptionally high level. I unreservedly rode on him like a wild animal – faster and faster until we both reached to satisfaction never felt before!”