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Hot sex during the holidays

Dildos, love beads, sex lingerie, lubricating gel! More and more people take these things on holiday."Of course, the hot sex is the most important thing on holidays," says hairdresser Kersti (28) from Finland, "and that includes both the bikini and lingerie. However,for hot nights I have sex toys or aids. I never go on holiday in the south without a vibrator and Japanese love beds. Recently, I was two weeks in the Canary Islands. Only in the second night, I showed the waiter Pedro my nice sex toys. He looked surprised when I in front of his eyes pushed the beads into my vagina and moreover masturbated with the vibrator whilst laying in the bath. Seeing it Pedro became very horny. Since I did not want to ‘torture’ Pedro too long, I took the beads out again, put the vibrator away and asked him to come to bed with me. His wet kisses to my pussy were more exciting than vibrating plastic dildo but he also wanted to arouse me with vibrator. He pushed the dildo in me quite deeply. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ‘pleasure stick’, which created pleasure waves in me. Pedro then pulled the condom onto his penis and took me with quick thrusts leading to powerful orgasm.

When we had rested between each other’s arms and cuddled about a quarter of an hour, Pedro surprised me. He turned on his tummy and asked that I would caress him with my vibrator. I lubricated the dildo with a gel, pressed the switch and started to push it slowly to his anus. Pedro moaned and flailed. I thought that he might be uncomfortable, but he asked to push the vibrator slowly deeper to his anus with circular motion. I did what he asked and tried at the same time to provide him maximum pleasure stroking and caressing him.

Pedro finally turned on the side and finished enjoying moving and vibrating dildo inside him So we had sex all this two weeks when I was on holiday. "Vibrator in suitcase? Still, more women and men take the dildos, love balls, and also lubricating gels on holiday.