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Jake’s dream ...which he shared with her girlfriend Monica

I have scenario in my mind that gives me a warm and excited feeling about you and Charley... When he was showing pool in one of the West End pubs... He was already feeling excited and was feeling that you were thinking the same... He moved gently to show you the shot as you leaned across the pool table... He was behind you and pushed his body gently against you...Exerting pressure on your shoulder and neck with one hand... his groin was pushing against your arse and your legs were astride... his cock was hard and you could feel it against your body... you could feel your pussy pouting...It was getting hot and wet... his hands touched you between the legs and you gasped and sued, he knew you wanted him to fuck you across the table...The room was dark and you had the moment to fuck. You, by now was getting very excited and feeling very randy, your thoughts were fast as you anticipated him, lifting your dress and his warm soft hands gently caressing your wet pussy... He slipped his fingers into the top of your panties and eased them down slowly all the way your ankles...you slipped out of your shoes and freed your panties from your ankles onto the floor...Charley was by now holding you tightly...his right hand was inside your dress and under your bra and he was teasing and gently squeezing your nipples...his left hand was stroking your pussy very lightly...you were pushing back against him eager for his hot cock to touch and push inside your pussy...Your body was tingling in expectation of a wonderful feeling...Charley held his large and hard cock in his left hand and guided it between your legs against your lovely hot arse...he shakes and pants as he feels your pubic hair, he can feel the hot glow and the hot juices from your pussy...you hold your breath and close your eyes as you feel his cock for the first time...so hard and powerful, he pushes into you hard and fast with one movement right up to the hilt of his shaft...You gasp and groan, it’s so good...You both move together...You know it will be a quick and full climax as you only have a little time to share this fantastic moment...He pushes in and out hard and fast as you arch your back and open your mouth wide...You have no care other than for Charley to fuck you and to shoot his hot fluid inside your lovely juicy pussy hole...you want this feeling to last, it is so good...He leans over you and looks into your eyes...You know that you are both ready to come... He pushes his tongue into your mouth and with one final push...his cock explodes and squirts hot spunk into your hole...Your orgasm is so powerful heightened as you feel his hot juices released and flowing into you...His cock is pulsing...He can’t believe how exciting and dangerous this encounter has been...You both dress quickly and share a passionate kiss...how good was that...You don’t speak but you can’t wait for the next encounter...


Author: Divine London