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Ladyboys - Puzzling World of transgender people

Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. There in one of the capital’s photo studio are preparations for a new advertising campaign. 25-year-old model Poy Treechada is a new player in this business. He is an ideal model with his all strategic measurements- his height is 171 centimetres and weighs only 48 kilograms. His other measurements are: chest 84 centimetres, waist 60 centimetres and hips 90 centimetres (84/60/90). Poy has not always been so breathtakingly beautiful woman. In just nine years ago, he was still a man. Since Poy was a teenager he decided to become a woman.


Poy says "I cannot explain this. I feel despite being born as a man that I've just grown up as a girl in the adolescent’s body. I've always felt and thought of myself as a woman. I tried to live as a man, but it was a real pain. I often wondered, did I really should have to suffer for others' opinion. Some people said that I should have lived like a man. Then again, why should I have forced myself to this? It was my free will to become a woman." Poy is so called kathoey, a woman who was born in a man's body. Thai people use this term for both transvestites and transsexuals who have undergone sex change operation. In the eyes of many Western sex tourists they are simply ladyboys – male prostitutes who represent themselves as women , which has become a cliché in sex tourism of Thailand.


However, only a fraction of kathoeydest earn living as prostitutes, most of them live quite a normal life. Kathoeys can be found everywhere: on the street, in a restaurant or in supermarket checkout. Also, many of the presenters of a TV studios are actually men in women's clothes.


Thailand has about 200,000 transsexuals, which is 20 times more than in Germany! Why there are so many transvestites and a transsexual in the Kingdom of Thailand, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Is the ladyboys’ role in society to show what men will do to become a perfect woman? We try to explain it with the notion of the so-called third gender, although there remains the question of why there are very few women among them, who feel like a man in woman’s body and who would allow operating themselves to become a man. [---]

Author: Divine London