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Only Here

Dark night, no sound is heard from outside. Room is pleasantly dim, the curtains are drawn and the fresh air flows inside from the window. It is hot.


Quiet sounds of music are heard in next door which rhythm has calming effect. It feels like that time has stopped and there are only two of us- me and you in the world.


You slowly lay down in the bed arms over your head. I see the way your eyes shine in the dark, you're naked, your body seems to radiate light - gentle and unworldly, a little creepiness ... You look at me and wait. Your attitude has humility and gentleness, you setting yourself comfortable - your feet slightly apart, knees bent. Some of the movements are smooth and sharp and suddenly you are as if you are just petrified.


I stroke your body with my hands, petting you from everywhere – from knees to soles of feet, I touch you inside of thighs ... I am very gentle, you barely feel the touch of my hands. But I can hear your intermittent breathing and this arouses me devilishly.


My petting become more robust, it has real power, I almost scratch your hips ... My one hand stops at the crotch, the other squeezes the breasts you pull it up to me yourself and then you kissed me passionately - biting my lips and exposing your excitement. I hold you for the moment and take out the cords. They are soft enough to not hurt your delicate skin, and strong enough to contain the blazing body. First, I tie your one arm and then the other, monitoring your facial expressions. Your eyes are glowing with passion – extraterrestrial like an expanse of space, like an eternity. You can freely move in the bed, but I feel that I have complete control over you, and for me, it makes you even more excited.


To cherish you, I again gently caress you, put my head between your legs ... I feel how you're shaking from excitement. I lick your hole with my tongue, and then I pause, look you in the eye again and start licking again. Then I start to circle with increasing speed and ... I feel, how you are going mad in this whirlwind, and I shove my tongue deeper into your pussy ...


I continue with my hands and tongue, suck your rock hard nipples. Satisfaction is bordering on pain, your voice is downright strident, and your body stretches towards to my hand, when I move away a little bit. Again, I'll change the pace and stroke you very gently, pull down your restless body on the bed and start seducing.


Your hands are still tied, the ropes have cut your skin, you look forward to the arrival of orgasm, but I will continue to torture you. I'll almost let you get up close to the clouds and then suppress you down to the earth.


Night seems endless - you've lost the sense of time and place, your body is covered with sweat. You start getting excited more and more and your eyes are crazy of lust .... On the peak of excitement I cut through the ropes and penetrate into your body. Is like a nuclear explosion, after a few seconds we both get orgasms, the scratches of your nails on my back will stay for my memory - and my lips are bitten. We press ourselves vigorously against each other.


It is dawn ...


Author: Divine London