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Security Camera

Salvador Dali Museum in Florida is located in St. In the center of St. Petersburg. The museum has on display best pieces of art of this unique and versatile artist. Obviously, visiting Dali’s museum was part of our mandatory program, moreover as art students we had exams coming.


It was incredibly hot summer day. The sun burnt mercilessly and heat and humidity halved all outside activities. The museum was pleasantly cool due to air conditioner. Oh, it was possible to breathe freely. We went hand in hand from one hall to the other looking at pictures. July is not the high season in Florida and we were almost only visitors there and who else would have been bothered to explore the museum with this heat. These few tourists who chose to have a holiday on this time spent time on the beach and locals who even remotely could afford, had fled to cold northern regions of the country.


Peter suddenly pulled me to one corner, smiling slyly and said: "You know, the whole atmosphere turns me madly on, I want you so badly!"


Although, we were engaged in the morning with bedroom activities, we were disturbed by the maid on the most exciting moment and we were forced to cancel our activity. Therefore, though we were turned on, we did not reach to our satisfaction. I had basically nothing against midday "dinner", but here, in the museum?


I must say, that such a proposal for having sex in the museum was quite shocking. Oh no, I was not a bourgeois nun, but I was not able to do it, this exceeded my pain threshold!


However, it is likely that was an unusual atmosphere that tremendously excited me. Only those, who have never felt this unbearable desire, which is caused by the erotic signal moving from head to lower body, are not able to understand me. Maybe this is fear of getting caught, which caused this special feeling. I do not know ...


Whatever..., Peter pulled me to one corner and started to push my dress up. At the same time I was trying to deal with my shock and intensely thought, did I really agree to fuck in a public place. Fear paralyzed my will power, and I did not know what to do or how to be. Then there was only Peter's mouth, his tongue, his body, and our shared pleasure! Nervously I fumbled with his zipper, and it seemed an eternity passed before I finally could open it. God, this could not be possible after all, what were we doing here! Other guests or even worse- the security guards could come in any moment and catch us on the act!


My lower body which was glowing from excitement was the object of his lust. A few seconds later, I was under the feeling of such a passion that I did not think of anything.


Peter so skillfully massaged my crotch so that I began to tremble with pleasure.


Peter said, panting: "Spread your legs and push your panties aside a little".


I was trembling so much that my legs were about to give up. My mind was fully blown away. If he does not pause now, I will finish. Not because he would arouse but because this game made me madly horny! The fact that we could end up getting caught at any moment, multiplied my excitement. I was sure that I had never experienced this kind of sexual "acceleration".


Peter had already raised me up, I put my legs around his waist, he pushed me against the wall and it was one big pleasure from now on...


Unfortunately we could not enjoy very long this crazy intercourse because we could not hold ourselves back. Extremely electrifying situation had made us incredibly horny. Only a few quick thrusts and we already finished!


Completely exhausted, Peter pulled back and put me slowly back to the floor. He pushed my hair away from the sweaty face and smiled. When he put me on the floor, my legs could barely carry me. It took me all force to push my short summer dress down and tide myself up. Oh, we were very lucky that someone did not catch us!


I threw my head back for a moment to breathe properly. Oh horror, a security camera what I saw in the ceiling corner of the room, made me wince! And it was directed right at us! I looked at Peter pale with fear, but he just grinned slyly and said, "I know that’s why I picked this corner. After all, guards finally should be able to enjoy a bit their job. If we are polite and courteous, you may have to be able to get a copy of this video!"


I was speechless.


A little later, when we left the museum and passed by the security guards room by the entrance, there stood at least five men who winked at us with ‘we know it all’ face.


Author: Divine London