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Sex and Holidays

"Sexual aids and hot sex just belong to the holidays," says a banker Alexander (26). "I was recently in Mallorca. As soon as appeared at the pool with my hot-swimwear at the pool, I immediately felt hot glances on me from female visitors. Not much time elapsed, when I got to chat with sexy Linda from London. The girl was willing to come up with me to my room immediately. There, I showed her the small collection of my Penis rings. Linda put these rings one by one with obvious interest on my penis. She said: "These suit to you. Come on, I want to see whether they are also useful if you come inside me deeply." Linda pulled a condom on my dick again. All these tricks increased my erection. Linda then sat down and started to ride on my cock up and down. "Oh, it's so good!" She moaned loudly. With each movement on my cock she became more and more horny. She pressed her breasts against my face, so I could lick her nipples. Suddenly she stopped his riding and was completely immobile. We finished at the same time. I could feel her relaxing the vaginal muscles around my cock twitch. I had not yet experienced so powerful orgasm. "