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Sex at the workplace, hot stories from around the world

The first story is from Germany, 25 years old Maria worked as policewomen. Her patrol car had the number 696, which was pure coincidence, but made her and her 24-year-old partner Michael's to smile. Maria, looking innocently to my eyes said that "The patrol runs were boring. It was very seldom when something happened in our area. Not only me, but also Michael was bored. Once when Michael was behind the wheel, I put my hand between his thighs and touched until I felt that he had hard on. I saw that he liked it; I became more courageous. We drove slowly down the street and I rubbed Michael's penis so hard that, oh-oh-oh. Then I stroked the hard stuff. Michael was screaming out of pleasure when he reached to climax. From this day on I did the same during our patrols. I have got my part after the duty in the police station, not as a hand job but as a real thing. We had sex in all possible positions but the most he took me from behind. Michael was a good lover, I wanted him to go on and on.


There is another story from Germany. Is it the empty office in Germany? No, diligently listening it is possible hear characteristic sounds of sexual intercourse from the board room. There is an 18-year-old Linda on the leather coach down on all fours and her boss pushes his penis in to her ass. The superior has thick penis but little by little, he is moving it deeper. Linda moans, she likes it trying to extrude. The boss’s smooth palm is stroking her smooth buttocks as well. "Oh-aaa!" Cries Linda, and she is now starting to circle around completely invaded penis. "I love Helmut, my boss," said Linda. "He is 35 years old and a real man. He introduced me to anal sex and I like it very much. There are high points that make me scream ... Unfortunately, we have to deal with it after work in Helmut's office because he is married. He promised that he will soon divorce from his wife soon, and then the whole world will know of our love!


Author: Divine London