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Sex at the workplace, hot stories from around the world (Part 2)

The third story is from Sweden. People, who have seen the long legged blonde 21-years old Margarethen, are not surprised at all, when they hear that lots of young men in her hairdressing saloon have giving in temptation and fallen under her seduction. "If I like a man then I position myself that he can see and sometimes feel my half exposed breast against his face whilst I am cutting his hair. A little bit later, I stop at this moment and hold the position for longer. If I notice the man's interest I ask him to meet me in some evening what is most convenient for him. I will ask him to come back to the saloon through backdoor and then I start sex program. We get naked. Using foam, scissors and cutting machine I make hairdo in his bikini area. Anyway, it's so exciting that the penis remains hard and quickly comes up as a peg. I also will feel the excitement in my crotch. There is going to get wet. I can pull the condom on man’s penis with my mouth, but I have to make sure that no one would erupt too soon. Then sit astride on, exclaim, "gee", and ride giving everything of myself, I ask my client to pinch and rub my nipples until I almost see the angels and reach to ultimate orgasm.

'"Maaja": What can I say of Margarethe frivolous hobby? Maybe it would make more sense for her to look for long term relationship instead of having sex with alternating clients, because otherwise who have been in the session will come back to more and who knows what the consequences might be.


The fourth story is from Russia, Moscow 37-year-old gynecologist doctor Genrihhi’s hands tremble slightly in white sleeves. He says: "There is no way that I cannot get hands off my patients. In general, I behave very accurately with my patients behave very accurately, and always with minors. Only then, when a really sweet girl steps in I have shivers going through my body. I will make sure that her mom or girlfriend is not waiting, with whom they sometimes come together. I then ask the girl to sit on the gynecological chair naked from the waist down and extend the legs wide open. I make the thorough observation, which drives me insane. If see that she is virgin I cannot help myself and start to caress her labia and between it. According to her reaction I either increase or decrease the pressure. Seeing her becoming I start to kiss her sweet pussy. I put my hand into my pants and start to rub my hard penis. I reach to orgasm almost immediately and it is not rare that a virgin who came to see me remains virgin but reached to her first orgasm. After I plead her:”Please do not make a complaint about me”.I am even to release some tears which give a desired effect and they keep their mouth shut. "Maaja": There is no doubt Genrihhi’s deeds deserve punishment! He already has one foot in jail, only to ... we had signed a paper that requires the interviewer to leave the interviewee's anonymity. It is therefore that Genrihh is not his real name.