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Story of MP Milligan’s asphyxia

In February in the year of 1994 British MP Stephen Milligan was found (45) dead in his apartment. No, he did not hit the seizure and he was not murdered. Oxford University graduate and a talented journalist minister candidate fell victim to his perverted sexual desires. When Milligan was found, he was wearing black silk stockings, suspenders on his hips, the plastic bag pulled over his head and his neck was tied with extension cord. The corpse had peeled orange in his mouth. Doing so, the passionate sex lover prepared himself for super orgasmic experience. But he overdid it 


... Such a death is rather familiar to forensic experts, psychologists and psychiatrists. There is even term invented for this kind of condition: Sexual asphyxia. This applies to men who get excited by such pre-asphyxia condition, they let their partner to suffocate them as long as they cannot breathe anymore and they develop the fear of death. There are also those who put a rope around their neck and hang themselves up somewhere, so that only the toes barely touching the ground. In this artificially created fear of death the human body releases huge amount of adrenaline. Each person has experienced such state either being scared by someone or getting involved in an some sort of accident. In this case hot waves pass through the body, the body develops a chicken skin. It is a feeling of absolute concentration. In an instant the body turns off all the other functions of the body and the body in order to concentrate all its efforts on a single goal - to survive.


Forensic experts and witnesses stayed on executions know that many sentenced to death experience orgasm in their last few minutes of their lives.


The late Stephen Milligan tried to reinforce this feeling even more. The peeled orange found in his mouth had a capsule filled with sex drug. This drug contains a chemical substance amilnitriti. Persons suffering from heart attack and are prone to infarct are familiar with the medicine and carry it always with them just in case. This substance does not just extends clogged coronary heart but all the vessels in a fraction of a second. NN. Poppers was formerly known as an orgasm enhancing drug mostly among gays. In recent year this drug is also used heterosexual people and it is sold under the counter in sex shops.


In Milligan’s case, the experts believe that the man suffered from a drug over-dose, and his just heart gave up. There is no accurate statistics on how many men are engaged in such perversions. Experts estimate that in the U.S. alone each year from 500 to 1,000 men die as a result of sexual asphyxia. In England this figure is 150 to 200. These incidents with women are virtually unknown in the specialist literature.


The late Stephen Milligan girlfriend Julie Kirkbride said he did not know anything about his secret admirer’s double life.. Yes, a person's mind, that if the situation requires, he can hide his real self. At this time, the increasing numbers of sex scandals related to celebrities are coming into light. Together, who knows how many of the famous scientists and scholars, film artists, writers or politicians are the most straightforward perverts, whose life stories could "decorate" any forensic psychiatric handbooks.


Author: Divine London