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Triple relations - a fiery rotation or playing with fire? (Part 1)

No other sex does not excite our imagination for more than sex with two partners. Almost all of us have dreamed of this. Many would like to try, but do not dare or cannot find the option. Others, again, lose the remaining obstacles and make it simple, even if they jeopardize their own relationship, often because their partners do accept they need to oversee their partners’ sexual encounters with other people. But there are also positive cases.


Eva (27) agreed to talk about her experience to "Maajale" : "The thought of sex with the two men were not at all new to me and excited me a long time ago, but I did not know how my friend Tiit (27) would have reacted to that. We had not talked about it yet at all. My principle was: not to talk, but to act. Favorable opportunity to execute my dream was when I met my ex Thomas (28), whom I was sure Tiit is not going to get jealous because him. I was right, as it turned out, when I invited Thomas to our place. Moreover, the men understood each other perfectly straight away. I looked at both of them - Thomas, who was dark and quiet, and Tiit, who was blonde and fiery, and I imagined how it would be to have sex with both of them right here. In doing so, I felt the familiar tickle in the crotch. I sat on the sofa between the two of them, and then gave the first kiss to Thomas’s cheek and then Tiit’s cheek after and said, "So I glad you're both here," and then kissed Thomas again, this time a bit longer, while observing Tiit with the corner of my eye. If he would have resented my behavior, I would have stopped immediately; because I had no intention to infringe the start of our relationship which progressed well. But Tiit said: "Do you have anything left for me?" and he pulled me close to him. I kissed him long and passionately and stroked his pants on the place where about his hard cock was. With another hand I touched Thomas’s instrument, which was already hard. I said then "Well, this is the thing I would like see more", then unzipped and pulled down both pants. Two fabulous cocks emerged from the pants in front of me. I took one of them right in the mouth and caressed the other with my hand.


We undressed. Tiit licked me down there with his tongue and at the same time Thomas licked my breasts. I put the condom on quickly on both and sat on Thomas’s cock. Tiit watched and masturbated. Then he pulled me up and took me from behind, at the same time as I rubbed Thomas’s cock. We groaned with pleasure and finished almost all at the same time. Everything went exactly as I had imagined. Can I do it again? Why not? And maybe with a girl. Tiit would love it and me too, of course. " To be continued next month....


Author: Divine London