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Wedding gift for a transvestite.

Wedding gift for a transvestite. I never liked men. Since early childhood I have been fascinated by women. I therefore have the right to call myself refined heterosexual.


I was twelve when new English teacher came to our school – a young woman with stunning body. In contrast to our dull, ageless and sexless teachers whom we had too many, new teacher Sylvia (this how she was called) was modern and very fashionable young lady. Her style showed off her fine tuned body by the nature. Short skirts and dresses were compulsory elements of her wardrobe.


In her classes I always tried to sit on this bench, where I had the best view on her legs and in fact what was between her legs. I always got excited when the teacher threw a leg above the knee, and for a second I could even see the color of her underwear. I was ready for anything, just to see what is underneath of this thin triangle of fabric.


Sylvia was soon appointed as a head teacher of our class, and apart from English language class her classes became my favorite subject of study. Sylvia was very energetic class manager: she took us to all sorts of sightseeing, movies and theatres. At the end of the academic year, she made the royal gift to us - she organized a three-day hike to a scenic lake.


Together with her was our physical training instructor with us – he was tall strong man, thirty years old and even the teachers called him Big Bull behind his back.


We spent the whole first day in our tents as it rained heavily. In the next morning there was no trace from the rain previous day: the spring sun baked like in mid-summer. Everyone was immediately tempted to go for a swim. There was no need to convince Sylvia, she already appeared in front of us in her swimsuit, which almost revealed everything and we stood there our mouths open. She shouted enthusiastically at us: "Why do you stand there like stone statues, quickly in the water!"


Whilst the rest of us splashed in the water, I jumped few times from the diving platform to pay lip-service and then hastily headed toward the camp. Convinced that no one is following me, I quickly went to Sylvia’s tent. I looked through to all her stuff until finally her black thongs caught my eye. I literally jumped on her underwear and started avidly to smell and kiss them. At that moment I imagined that I am sniffing and kissing Sylvia instead. Suddenly, I heard approaching voices and hiding thongs in my pants, I rushed out of the tent.


To be continued .....


Author: Divine London